BE BUDDHAFUL FASHION Show @Pyramid 2014-03-28

Buddhaful Wear for the Body, Mind and Soul 

Since its birth in 1998, Buddhaful has grown as a local Seattle,Washington clothing and fashion event organization. Buddhaful apparel supplies retail locations worldwide with a purpose to sponsor events, promote art, fashion, music and life. Buddhaful promises clothing with a strong, positive and conscious message while maintaining a high degree of original artistic integrity with style. The fashions presented by this collective are designed to energize and bring a sense of individuality and unity to the public. 

We would like to extend our mission to the island of Bali with our event that includes the Fashion Show from Buddhaful

Guest designers:

Kayo Mitsuyama 

Zoltan Guerin 

Om Booty


Savvy Studio & Boutique 

Decor by Adam Pollina

Special High Fashion Art Performances by 


Malakai Hom 

The Show will include performances, such as yoga acrobatics, parkour, fire dancing, live on stage painting by Luke Brown & Maureen Wiedner. 

Our goal is to create an event that clearly represents our company's mission & showcases all artists involved in

the best light possible, a show that goes beyond the fashion the music and inspires a positive, integral and creative lifestyle.

Later on DJ Sets By




Please join us for this one of a kind fashion event and Paulina Impala's Birthday Celebration!!!!!